Attestation De Conformite Sanitaire (ACS) is the material safety approval required for materials and products in contact with drinking water in France. Manufacturers are required to obtain ACS approval on their products. All materials used in a product that are in contact with water are reviewed. Metallic materials are reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with purity requirements. Organic materials are reviewed against a positive list. The formulation and compositional information is gathered from the material suppliers and is reviewed against a positive list. The testing required is dependent on this review. If migration testing is required, it may analyze parameters such as:
•  Odor and flavor
•  pH and conductivity
•  TOC and chlorine demand
•  Chlorinated and nonchlorinated solvents
•  GC-MS screening and cytotoxicity evaluation against human cells.

Tox Regulatory Advisor can assist you with expertise on how to comply with the ACS regulation.
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