The Requirement

Manufacturers and distributors face challenges that result from globalization in the marketplace.  For companies with European production or distribution of chemical substances, and companies that import into Europe, REACH considerably increases the complexity of maintaining compliance.
Companies with European production or distribution of chemical substances and companies that import into Europe are affected by REACH and should go through several steps to comply with REACH, many of which Tox Regulatory Advisor can support:
•  Categorize Substances and track volumes
•  Pre-register and register
•  Participate in SIEFs and update Material Safety Data Sheets
•  Communicate up and down the supply chain
•  Check if any substances are restricted or would require authorization

Define your REACH Role
EU manufacturers, importers and distributors should decide which substances to register and when. They should also consider substitution of most hazardous substances. Downstream Users in Europe should inform suppliers of use and also consider substituting the most dangerous substances with less dangerous substances wherever possible.

There is no single "REACH Solution" that can be purchased that takes care of all aspects of REACH; however, companies that are impacted by REACH should seek help from providers who are well-versed in and who thoroughly understand the EU chemical regulatory requirements.
Tox Regulatory Advisor offers services that can help companies with the preparation process and with on-going compliance thereafter. As the regulation is adopted and implemented Tox Regulatory Advisors services will evolve to meet the demands of the market.

Tox Regulatory Advisor can help identify specific responsibilities and establish an action plan for your company to execute.

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