The unique formula identifier (UFI code), forms part of the poison centre notification (PCN) which is a mandatory under Annex VIII of CLP, where importers and downstream users need to provide information to Member State appointed bodies relating to emergency health response for products placed on the market.

UFI-code is a 16-character number that is a mandatory on the label of  products, that contain a hazardous mixture. A PCN notification is required in all countries where the product will be sold. This means that if an importer imports a hazardous mixture and plans to sell it in multiple EU countries, the importer must submit their product information to all the appointed poison centres of the relevant EU countries, prior to placing the mixtures on the market.

​Tox Regulatory Advisor assists you with the following UFI code / PCN services:

·  Advice on UFI code / PCN requirements and how they impact your products

·  Data gap analysis and compilation of required data

·   Application, validation and PCN submission

·   Obtaining a notification confirmation (PCN number) 

·    Advice on how to include UFIs on product labels.

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