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Tox Regulatory Advisor helps customers comply with a growing number of complex EU chemical legislations and legislations on medical devices to avoid business interruptions.


Origio A/S was in need of a thorough update of its REACH compliance documentation.

Roza Pedersen was hired as a REACH expert consultant on this project. Roza quickly grasped Origio’s business field to tailor the REACH compliance update work to Origio’s needs. We had several meetings with Roza on site, which was necessary to make sure all details were correctly understood in this complex regulation.

Roza was very reliable concerning the timely delivery of the different documents needed for the update.

Hence, the implementation of the update went very smooth due to the combination of Roza’s big knowledge on the REACH regulation, her timely delivery of documents combined with onsite discussions and not least her pleasant and easy-going personality.”

Philip Kusk. Manager Product Maintenance

Danish Standards Foundation

The Danish Standards Foundation contracted Tox Regulatory Advisor to provide regulatory support concerning the implication of the RoHS II directive on European Union manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment, such as electrical pumps, chips, printed circuit boards and semiconductor-based electronic components.

TRAS regulatory services on RoHS II were outstanding and enabled us to have the regulatory information needed for our customer in-time and ahead of the January 2, 2013, deadline under the regulation.  

We have had very good collaboration with Tox Regulatory Advisor and would like to offer a special thank you for their regulatory support, professionalism, and dedication.

We look forward to a continued and long excellent relationship with Tox Regulatory Advisor.

Jenni Søndergaard.Publications Coordinator Department

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